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FOR STOOL 組立式スツール

[For Stool] is a prefabricated stool designed with the goal of being constructed with the bare minimum number of parts. Despite its basic looking construction, the angles and connections have all been carefully measured so that the shape and design of every part serves a purpose. The ready-to-assemble design was chosen to reduce packaging size, and provides the additional benefit of reduced inventory and shipping costs. These cost saving perks do not come at the cost of functionality however, as this stool offers excellent comfort and can be stacked as well.


[For Stool]は、最小限のパーツで出来上がる組立て式のスツール。プリミティブな構成でありながら、角度や接合方法を検証することで 各パーツが形状に意味をもつデザインとなった。また組立て式は梱包を小さくすることが出来るため、輸送コストや在庫コストにも 貢献できるメリットがある。組立て式ではあるがスツールとしての座り心地やスタッキング機能を併せ持ったデザインを目指した

Client : TENOHA


Material: Wood



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