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Vest Chair

This Chair enables you to detach both the cushion on the back of the chair and the back of the chair itself.

By using a durable industrial felt fabric on the back of the chair and inserting that into the back legs to keep it under tension gives the people who sit in the chair a sensation of having their back enveloped by the fabric.

It is also environmentally friendly since it can be separated into wooden and textile components for repairs or recycling.

By changing the shape of the felt fabric,you can change its appearance.

By inserting quilts which run up and down the fabric,the chair takes on an elaborate design.


背もたれには剛性のある工業用フェルト生地を後脚の部分に差し込むことで、 テンションがかけられ包み込むような座り心地を得られる。 木部と布地で分けられるため、補修やリサイクルが容易に行える。



Self Product

Material: wood(White ash),Industrial Felt,Cloth,Urethane form,


Size: W581×D660×H800×SH420 (mm)


Photos: Ittoku Kawasaki


2017 Salone del mobile Milano  SaloneSatellite2017

Process → LINK

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